19 PPC Trends You Must Watch in 2024 to Be Successful

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Did you know that global digital advertising revenue is predicted to surpass $1 trillion by 2027? That means that, by 2024, you’ll want to include online advertising in your marketing approach. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising tactics are excellent for reaching out to people online and putting your products and services in front of them, hence increasing income.


To maximize the outcomes of your PPC ads, check out our list of 19 PPC trends to follow in 2024.


  1. Using automation for paid ad campaigns
  2. Relying on smart bidding
  3. Loosening keyword match types
  4. Optimizing landing pages to better match intent
  5. Changing search landscape and the use of AI
  6. Transparent and complete connected TV (CTV) attribution
  7. Using first-party data to power ad campaigns
  8. Taking the omnichannel approach
  9. Taking advantage of social media
  10. Using Amazon for advertising
  11. Taking advantage of Ads Data Hub
  12. Using Google AdMob to get more from in-app ads
  13. Developing a remarketing strategy
  14. Integrating PPC and search engine optimization (SEO) 
  15. Use audience targeting to reach the right people
  16. Keeping tabs on click fraud
  17. Increasing use of video ads
  18. Prioritizing Google Shopping for selling products
  19. Staying agile

1. Using automation for paid ad campaigns

To begin this list of PPC trends, let’s talk about applying automation in paid ad campaigns. In 2024, automation will continue to play a crucial role in all digital marketing, particularly PPC.

You may automate several components of your PPC campaigns, including::

  • Bidding
  • Optimization of ads
  • A/B testing
  • Reporting

Google is constantly releasing ad automation capabilities to make advertising easier on the platform. You can use the capabilities they offer in addition to an automation tool that allows you to automate other advertising duties that Google does not.

Google offers one automation function called Performance Max. Performance Max is a goal-based campaign type that allows you to manage all of your ad inventory through a single campaign. This ad type automatically optimizes your performance in real time using Smart Bidding.

Google Ads also replaced Discovery campaigns with Demand Gen ads, which employ AI to design campaigns that guide consumers from the middle of the funnel to the checkout.

So, if you want to get the most out of your PPC ads in 2024, consider using automation.

2. Relying on Smart Bidding

Another popular sponsored search trend is to use Smart Bidding. Smart Bidding employs Google AI to optimize conversions for each auction. It allows you to optimize your bids so that you get the most out of your money and meet your company’s objectives.


Smart Bidding encompasses several strategies, including:

Target cost per action (CPA): Target CPA is an automated bid approach in which you specify the intended average cost per conversion or activity. Google then utilizes the target amount to automatically determine your bids depending on the likelihood of a conversion from your ad.

Target return on ad spend (tROAS): tROAS is a bidding approach in which Google AI analyzes and estimates the value of a potential conversion before automatically adjusting your bid amount to maximize your return.

Maximize conversions: As the name implies, Maximize conversions employs Google’s AI to determine bid amounts that will help you get the greatest conversions for your budget.

Maximize conversion value: If you select Maximize conversion value as your Smart Bidding strategy, Google will use AI to optimize and set bids to help you gain the greatest value from conversions.

All of these Smart Bidding tactics can help you get the most out of your money and increase your return on investment (ROI).

3. Loosening of keyword match types

One of the most significant pay-per-click developments for 2024 is the loosening of keyword match types. So what does this mean?

Google Ads provides several match kinds, including:

Broad match: Ads may appear for searches related to your term.

Phrase match: Ads may appear in searches that contain the meaning of your keyword.

Exact match: Ads may appear in searches containing the same meaning as your keyword.

Phrase and exact match are more precise than comprehensive matching, so you appear in fewer searches. However, for 2024, this will change slightly.

Google is broadening the definition of exact and phrase match keywords to include certain larger search terms that are still relevant. This means that phrase and exact match targeting will remain precise, but will also contain some larger but still highly relevant search phrases.

Essentially, you have greater chances for your ads to appear for relevant keywords while keeping match accuracy.

4. Optimizing landing pages to better match intent

When it comes to PPC marketing trends, improving landing pages tops the list. Having a tailored, relevant landing page has always been the best option, but in 2024, it’s a requirement.

Every year, more businesses advertise online, resulting in increasing competition and options for your audience. They do not have to put up with businesses who squander their time by providing unnecessary information.

As a result, you must create optimal landing pages for your adverts. Whether you run search or social media ads, your landing page must give the greatest possible experience to prevent your audience from switching to a rival.

So, how do you build an optimized landing page?

Here are some tips for creating optimized landing pages.


  • Keep your landing page focused: The information on your landing page should correspond to the content in your ad copy. It makes no sense to have a cookware ad followed by a broad landing page for kitchen items. Keep your landing pages relevant to what you’re advertising.
  • Make landing pages informative and concise: When trying to sell someone on your product or service, it’s tempting to go into great detail about what you have to offer. However, offering too much information can overwhelm your readers, so keep it concise and focus on the most important elements.
  • Use Visuals: Including images and videos can improve your adverts by demonstrating your product in action and making your landing pages more appealing.

Creating a targeted and optimized landing page will help you increase your PPC conversion rates.

5. Evolving search landscape and use of AI

When discussing PPC trends for 2024, we must address artificial intelligence. AI is taking the digital world by storm and finding its way into several aspects of marketing. That implies you should keep an eye on the progress of AI and how it changes when looking online.


Google has been experimenting with a new feature called Search Generative Experience (SGE). This search experience employs AI to produce answers for users. Its goal is to assist searchers find the information they need quickly.


Google is already experimenting with AI, so it’s just a matter of time before it’s integrated into the search experience. That implies you’ll have to be prepared to adapt your ad approach to the rise of AI in search.


What you’ll need to do remains to be seen, but be prepared to adapt your ad approach to the shifting search landscape.

6. Transparent and complete CTV attribution

The next PPC marketing trend to consider is CTV attribution. Connected TV advertising are one of the most common ways for businesses to advertise; you may advertise on streaming services such as YouTube and Hulu.

Attribution has long been a major issue with CTV. Businesses previously hard to credit conversions to certain CTV channels across many platforms; however, this is changing.

In 2024, you can expect Google to close the cross-device attribution gap and give more precise data. They will improve tracking so you can better identify which CTV campaigns and commercials generate income. 


7. Using first-party data to power campaigns

Today, more companies are being chastised for how they manage data. Concerns about privacy and data protection have grown tremendously in recent years, and the use of third-party data is becoming obsolete.

So, what happens if you can’t use third-party data? You turn to first-party data!

First-party data is data that you collect directly from your campaigns and audiences. You can use a solution like MarketingCloudFX to collect marketing data for analysis.

provides your company with a significant advantage: you receive data from people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer, allowing you to better understand your target audience. As a consequence, you may tailor your adverts to generate more leads and sales for your firm.

8. Taking the omnichannel approach

One of the top PPC marketing trends for 2024 is to expand on the omnichannel approach to advertising.

Many organizations make the mistake of depending on a single advertising channel to reach their target audience, while advertising across many channels can increase reach and income.

So, for 2024, it’s time to adopt an omnichannel advertising strategy. That implies looking into other platforms besides Google to take use of their unique features and broaden your reach to your target demographic.

You can use tactics such as:

Social media advertising

Display advertisements

Amazon advertisement

Bing advertisements

We’ll go over some of these ideas in greater detail later, but first, have a look at these various digital advertising strategies to discover which ones work best for you.


9. Taking advantage of social media advertising

Some of the top pay-per-click trends for 2024 include investments in other advertising platforms. First, let’s discuss social media. Social media advertising is a wonderful way to contact individuals, as they spend 33% of their time online.


You can promote your business by using:


Facebook X (previously Twitter).

Platforms include Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.


Which platform you use is determined by your target demographic and where they spend their time. If you want to reach a younger market, TikTok is the way to go. Want to contact working professionals? Try LinkedIn.


With social networking platforms becoming increasingly popular, you can’t afford to lose out on all of its benefits.


10. Using Amazon for advertising

If you sell things on Amazon, you should consider advertising on Amazon. With 89% of people preferring to buy from Amazon over any other ecommerce vendor, you should use every opportunity to convert surfers into buyers.

Amazon’s Sponsored Products advertising are cost-per-click (CPC). These advertisements appear in the same product search results as normal listings. These advertising, like Google PPC ads, display before organic search results.


Using Amazon as an advertising platform is an excellent method to broaden your company’s reach and place your products front and center for customers.


Over 34% of Amazon sellers are already boosting their advertising expenditure on Amazon, so don’t miss out on the possibility to sell more by advertising on platform


11. Taking advantage of Ads Data Hub

Let’s move on to the next pay-per-click trend: Ads Data Hub. Google’s Ads Data Hub is a fantastic tool for assisting you in meeting your company’s goals and driving better results from your advertisements.


Ads Data Hub allows you to do a bespoke analysis of your campaigns that is tailored to your company’s specific objectives. You can combine the first-party data you collected with your event-level ad campaign data.


Combining these two data sets allows you to acquire fresh insights and better understand your audience. You can also increase the efficiency of your advertising initiatives, resulting in more effective campaigns that generate cash for your firm.


12. Using Google AdMob to get more from in-app ads

Many popular sponsored search trends involve using Google’s software to improve your ads. Next, we’ll look at Google AdMob, another component of Google software that is trending in 2024.


Google AdMob is a must-have solution for businesses who promote through applications. This tool can assist you in optimizing your mobile app adverts for maximum commercial benefits.


Google AdMob allows you to tune your bids in real time to increase ad performance. It also allows you to select from a variety of ad styles, including banner, video, and interstitial, to provide the greatest advertising experience for your audience.


This platform also provides detailed reporting on ad performance, allowing you to gain deeper insights into your ads and make modifications to maximize outcomes.


13. Developing a remarketing strategy

When you promote to your target demographic, they may not respond the first time they see your adverts. That doesn’t imply they’re not interested in what you’re offering. However, this means you’ll need a remarketing strategy to re-engage those prospects in your organization.


So, next on this list, let’s talk about developing a remarketing plan.


Remarketing entails showing adverts to those who have already expressed an interest in your company. These adverts encourage your target audience to reconsider the products they looked at and convert.


So, how can you develop a successful remarketing strategy? Here are a few tips:


Segment your target audience: As with any traditional PPC campaign, segmenting your audience is critical. You may segment your audiences depending on their interests and offer appropriate adverts to them.


Schedule your advertisements at the appropriate time: When using remarketing, you should display your adverts when your target audience is most likely to see them. Schedule your advertisement to appear when your target audience is most likely to be online.


Limit the frequency of your advertisements: If you show your remarketed advertising too frequently, they may irritate people. Set a frequency cap on your remarketed advertising, and don’t be afraid to vary the ad content to pique interest!


If you want to increase sales in 2024, you must develop a remarketing strategy.


14. Integrating PPC and SEO 


The next PPC marketing trend is the integration of PPC with SEO. When consumers search on Google, they will get both paid and organic search results. So it makes sense to combine these methods to enhance your search engine real estate.


So, how can you optimize PPC and SEO simultaneously? Here are a few tips:


If you want to make the most of your search engine real estate, optimize both tactics for the same keywords. It’s an excellent method to have both advertisements and organic results appear in the same location.


Combine data from both strategies: SEO and PPC provide comparable metrics to track, such as click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and bounce rate. Combining these two data sets will help you gain a better understanding of your audience and how they interact with your listings in search results.

By optimizing for both techniques, you may develop a unified marketing strategy that maximizes your company’s outcomes.


15. Use audience targeting to reach the right people

One of the most important PPC trends for 2024 is leveraging audience targeting to reach the appropriate people. Audience targeting is an effective PPC tactic since it allows you to display your advertising in front of demographics that match your ideal customer profile (ICP).


Audience targeting allows you to reach people depending on:


Factors to consider include age, gender, location, occupation, and income.

Audience targeting is an excellent option for 2024 since it allows you to reach a more specific audience than keyword targeting does. Keywords remain an effective way to reach people who use those phrases, but audience targeting provides even more exact targeting.


16. Keeping tabs on click fraud

Click fraud is an important PPC marketing topic to keep note on in 2024. Click fraud occurs when bots pretend to be actual users and click on advertising many times with harmful intent.


Companies may use click fraud to damage their competitors by utilizing bogus clicks to spend the competition’s budget, among other reasons. As a result, tracking your adverts is critical to avoiding click fraud.


Keep in mind that Google has safeguards in place to assist prevent click fraud, but they are not flawless. That is why it is critical that you actively monitor your PPC ads to guarantee that false clicks do not occur.


The best thing you can do is learn to recognize irregular traffic and how to avoid it. Check out Google’s resources to assist ensure the legitimacy of your ad traffic.


17. Increasing use of video ads

Want to see more pay-per-click trends? Here is another: One of the main trends for 2024 is to use more video advertisements. In today’s environment, people’s attention spans are shorter than ever—the average attention span is 8 seconds.


However, the average video watch time is 2.7 minutes.


That suggests that videos are an excellent method to keep your audience’s attention—so why not incorporate them in your advertisements?


PPC video advertising can be used on social media, Google’s Display Network, and other platforms. Here are some tips for making click-worthy video advertisements:


Tell your tale without sound: One of the most important aspects of successful PPC video advertising is telling the story without sound. Many people will see your video advertising without hearing them, so make sure your video teaches them what they need to know without saying anything.

Users still have short attention spans, therefore you must capture their interest immediately. Make sure your videos are visually appealing or thought-provoking from the beginning.

Provide a clear call to action (CTA): When your audience has finished watching your video, you must explain how to proceed. Use a clear CTA to tell your visitors about the following steps.


If you want to make your adverts more interesting, consider utilizing videos to spice them up.


18. Prioritizing Google Shopping ads for selling products

Every day, more people use search engines to find things they need. As a result, Google has updated its search results to include more relevant listings, such as Google Shopping listings. So, one of the top PPC trends for 2024 is to invest in Google Shopping advertisements.


Google Shopping adverts appear in search results when people search for specific products. It speeds up the purchasing process for users by allowing them to scroll through a carousel of products at the top of search results until they discover what they want.


Here are some strategies for developing effective Google Shopping ads:


Choose the appropriate product photos: When someone views your Google Shopping Ad, the first thing they see is your product photo. Make sure you meet Google’s guidelines for the type of photo you should use, but also experiment with other photos to find what works best for your target demographic.


Make sure the price is correct: Your price has an impact on how many people click on your adverts. Make sure Google finds the correct pricing for your products, especially if you’re having a sale or have marked down an item.


Add product qualities that help you sell more: Including extra information in your product listings can help you close the deal. To increase the buzz surrounding your PPC advertising, consider adding characteristics such as color, size, shipping information, and more.

Following this PPC marketing trend will help your organization showcase its products in front of more interested leads, increasing income.

19. Staying agile

To conclude this list of paid search trends, let’s discuss agility. The field of PPC advertising is always changing. Platforms such as Google optimize and update their ad processes to improve the ad experience for visitors. That means you need to keep your strategy flexible.


Being nimble implies that you are willing to alter your plan to the current developments. It entails being up to current on PPC news to see if anything is coming up or changing.

If you want to achieve long-term success with PPC, you must stay adaptable and react to changes.


Ready to take advantage of these PPC trends?

If you want to achieve greater results with PPC in 2024, you must stay current on PPC marketing trends to ensure that your plan remains relevant and effective. However, keeping up with pay-per-click trends is time-consuming, and implementing them takes even longer.

If you’re ready to earn revenue for your company through PPC, contact us online or call us today at  91 623-501-9577 to speak with a strategist about our PPC services!


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